Road Reflections


"Those who will live one hundred years after us are not yet born, and I cannot tell what sort of people they will be. Yet, thanks to the existence of the written culture, even those living ten thousand generations hence will be able to enter into my mind as if we  were contemporaries. As for those worthy figures, who lived one hundred generations ago, although they too are gone, yet, thanks to the books they left behind, we who came after them can hear their modes of discourse, observe their grand demeanor, and understand  both the good order and the chaos of their times exactly as if we were living among them."

Father Matteo Ricci, S.J.

                St. Francis Strikes Oil!

                Godspeed the Light!  

                      Road Jazz!


                        Morning Stories

                   Leaps of Faith

                        Love! and War! 


                Slugger McGwire's 9th Inning Dream


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